3-Day Private Polar Expedition

Experience the magic of Swedish Lapland with our extraordinary three-day snowmobile and dog sledding adventure. This journey blends exhilarating activities with the serenity of the arctic wilderness. Enjoy unique local flavors, exotic views and frosty landscapes in this unforgettable arctic expedition.

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Thrilling Snowmobile Adventure through Arctic terrain

Dog Sled Experience through snowy Laplands exotic landscape

Majestic views of Sweden’s tallest mountain Kebnekaise

Enjoy a selection of Lapland’s culinary Taste Experience
Authentic traditional wood-fired Sauna Relaxation

Experience the exotic nature in winter wonderland on this Arctic adventure you will never forget!

From the moment you are picked up from Kiruna, your journey into the frozen north begins with a warm welcome at our exclusive lodge. Here you’ll be outfitted in top-of-the-line winter gear, ensuring comfort as you dive into the heart of Swedish Lapland.

A first experience will be hands-on snowmobile tour, rounded off by a relaxing sauna session and a delectable 2-course dinner that features the finest local fare.

Following day you will unfold a snowmobile voyage to the majestic Kebnekaise, where you’ll lunch with panoramic views of Sweden’s tallest peaks. The adventure will move on to Kaitumriver, with an evening of fireside dining and a soothing traditional wood-fired sauna by the riverbank at Camp Tjuonajokk.

You will be invited to become one with nature as you lead your own dog sled team through the heart of the Lapland forests, followed by a five-course dinner that captures the essence of Lapland’s culinary diversity.

And before this expedition comes to an end, you will have one last magical ride of 250km of Arctic experiences under the clear Northern skies.

Embrace this unique opportunity to explore, dine, and dream in the heart of the Arctic—a tour unlike any other.

Day 1


  • Transportation to the lodge from Kiruna airport or train station transportation
  • Check-in at the beautiful lodge where we will also equip you with a two-piece down jacket, snowmobile helmet, winter shoes, and goggles
  • Meet and greet the team
  • Together with the guide, we go through the route, the safety equipment, and an action plan in case of an accident, we run a shorter snowmobile tour where you can familiarize yourself with your snowmobile for tomorrow’s magnificent adventure. After the tour, a hot sauna and a 2-course dinner with a local connection await.
Day 2


  • From Mattarhakka – Northern Lights Lodge, we travel by snowmobile to a valley of breathtaking beauty across the frozen Arctic tundra.
  • Through an incomparable alpine area until we reach the foot of Kebnekaise, Swedish Lapland’s alpine massif, and its highest peak where the mountain station offers a delicious lunch with an absolutely stunning view.
  • The snowmobile safari continues through Lapland’s unique and high alpine mountain area to the famous Kaitumriver where camp Tjuonajokk is beautifully situated next to the river bank. Here we enjoy a three-course dinner to the music of a crackling fire, relaxing and reflecting in a wood-fired sauna in the evening.
Day 3


From the banks of the Kaitum River, the snowmobile tour continues past the low mountains down into the coniferous forest and up to my friends in the mountain village where you saddle up and get to experience driving your own sled dog team in the absolute best way.  After a full day with the 4-legged friends, we round off with dinner at the lodge, Team Alex serves a journey with flavors from all over Lapland covered by 5 courses.

Day 4


  • Departure from Kiruna.
  • Welcome to a unique mountain tour with over 250km of experience.


Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge islocated on the outskirts of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland in the middle of the breath-taking Arctic nature. It’s a small sized lodge run by a family that offers a very warm and peaceful aura with an inviting cozy lounge has a fireplace and comfortable chairs for you to lean back and relax with a drink. Here you are offered the best breakfast view in Kiruna with snow covered mountains in the different colorus of winter.
You are welcome to borrow snowshoes for a walk in the snow, or relax on a reindeer skin with a cup of hot chocolate. On a clear the sky there’s a good chance to see the northern lights shimmering above you.

Kiruna, SE
8:48 am, November 17, 2023
overcast clouds -7°C
overcast clouds
Wind: 6 mph
Pressure: 1009 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 8:56 am
Sunset: 1:51 pm
Abisko, SE
8:48 am, November 17, 2023
overcast clouds -7°C
overcast clouds
Wind: 6 mph
Pressure: 1016 mb
Visibility: 6.785 km
Sunrise: 9:10 am
Sunset: 1:49 pm

Choose this travel plan for an unparalleled Arctic adventure where exotic nature meets winter wonderland—guaranteed to be an unforgettable journey.

  • Immersive Arctic Exploration: Navigate through untouched snowscapes on snowmobiles and dog sleds for an authentic connection with the Arctic environment.
  • Culinary Delights: Feast on a variety of local dishes, from a rustic 2-course meal to an elaborate five-course dinner, each reflecting the unique tastes of Lapland.
  • Relaxing Nordic Traditions: End your days with the soothing warmth of traditional wood-fired saunas, an essential part of the Scandinavian way of life.

This adventure includes a hands-on snowmobile tour through the frosty Arctic wilderness, followed by traditional activities as sauna-bathing and a dinners showcasing the region’s finest cuisine. As you journey to Kebnekaise, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Sweden’s tallest peaks and an intimate fireside dining experience by a remote local river. The adventure gives you a chance of leading a dog sled team through the Lapland forests before a final breathtaking 250km ride under the Northern skies.

This is the perfect opportunity for the curious adventurers to check of your bucket list and make life lasting memories of this magical frosty paradise.

  • You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving license
  • The experience is privately guided for your own party
  • 250 kilometers/155 miles through the most stunning landscape
  • You do not need to have previous experience of managing your own snowmobile and your own sled dog team, but you should be in good physical health
  • The guides may implement a different journey plan than that described after conducting risk assessments, in part due to the weather
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Included in the price:

  • Transfer from and to Kiruna aiport
  • Driving your own snowmobile including full insurance
  • Driving your own sled dog team
  • Loan of snowmobile helmet, two-piece hooded jacket, shoes, mittens, goggles, and balaclava
  • 3 overnight stays with full board from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 4
  • 250 kilometers/155 miles through the most stunning arctic landscape

Price does not cover:

  • Visas
  • International flights – please get in touch with us to organize your international flights
  • Domestic flights – please get in touch with us to organize your domestic flight
  • Travel and health insurance – We advise our clients to buy insurance from their home countries
  • Meals, drinks & excursions not describe in the itinerary
  • Any other items of a personal nature, laundry, telephone, and postage
  • Tips for your driver-guide

Rest assured, we’re here to assist with anything not covered in the price. Your convenience is our priority.

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